Story and it's people

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That’s what it usually begins with. They are important, irreplaceable. Fulfilling them clears room for more of them. Because we need dreams. As hope and consolation… in times when the stuffiness of the ordinary fills the days and repetition ceases to bet he mother of wisdom. 

What happens when people who love dreams meet? The dreams begin to be pleasantly contagious. And there begin to happen things… hideandseek.


Iva Javorská, the feminine element which gives our testosterone grouping an exceptional dynamic. An attorney from the university Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Our support in legislative questions and authorial and economic law. She lectures at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, organizes lectures, helps artists with concerns touching on copyright. A lover of running in winter when it is freezing and the cold air burns in the nose. She is the picture of elegance and sometimes makes fun of the rest of us with a straight face.

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Vladimír, impossible to miss. A firm handshake, firm convictions. You can be sure that if he were refused water from the tap at the court of England, he will refuse all 63 meal courses, rise, press his lips together firmly, glance at the Queen in a melancholic way, bow, leave. And never return. A friend for whom the words please and thank you are always enough. A lover of wines (and everything that gos with them), the Mongolian night sky and human sklil. Also a lad from the Orlice river and co-inventor of the fibreglass sleeping bag. A contextual intermedia conceptualist who connects irrelevancies with a passionate exactitude of which it is good to assume that it need not be definitive. Stunning work with the dummy as a precondition for the creation of art pieces. Calm and strong. Father and swimmer.


Pavel Svoboda is something of a sprite. A graphic and stage designer, photographer, a lover of clean football and occasional fabulation and provocation. He had almost the quickest computer in the world. Under that and among it all is the soul of a romantic and humorist. He likes a lot of things, including late arrivals, rock music (and everything that comes with it), opera and roasting sausages on an open fire. When he doesn’t hear you, he has headphones. When he doesn’t like something, you will very soon know it. The sprite becomes a goblin…

Lovely man in the time of kairos.

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The architect Martin Kožnar, a reputed vegetarian, almost a fakir. Meticulous, responsible, always thorough. An architect who is humble and respectful of contextual dispositions, empathic of the set task. His exceptional sensitivity always gives his architectural decisions a reason, a meaning. An architect without flourishes. A lover of bathing in the river, the pond, the dam, and the more so if there is at least several centimeters of ice on the surface. The author of all the prototypes of the constructions of hideandseek, of which he is a part since the beginning.


Ondřej Sedloň… we all know long since that we won’t conquer K2. We know equally well that when Ondra begins to talk, the probability of stopping him is the same as that of feeling the K2 summit beneath our feet. Ondra is a methodical man, a man of structure. He considers connections. He has mastered abilities of which the bohemian branch of hideandseek knows only by word of mouth. He is capable of founding a bank which is successful and the card of which might be found in most of our wallets. He is also a novice cyclist, a lover of coffee and art.

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